Occasions in the Mecklenburg Lake Region

Promptly behind the Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian Baltic Ocean coast, a segment of tenderly undulating land fans out. It is a youthful or ground moraine scene with finely ground, calcareous rock marl whose earthy colored topsoil gives rich however weighty soil.

Further south is the center of Mecklenburg, a region around 50 kilometers wide, vigorously sloping and sprinkled with numerous lakes. It is important for the Baltic edge, which extends in a bend from the eastern edge of Lübeck in Schleswig-Holstein, by means of Schwerin in Mecklenburg, Pomerania and East Prussia to Lithuania.

The Ice Age glacial masses had pushed this gigantic terminal moraine wall before them. It halted when the huge masses of ice had dissolved. In the miseries between the rubble hills of rock and sand, the melt water gathered on more modest and bigger stones.

Many more modest and bigger lakes were made, in Mecklenburg alone there are north of 650. This segment is additionally called the Mecklenburg Lake Area. It reaches out from the Plauer See toward the east of the Müritz.


The biggest and most popular are the Plauer, Schweriner, Malchiner, Kummerower, Kölpinsee, Fleesensee and Krakower See as well as the Müritz. In the huge lake region around the Müritz, water sports fans make out really well.

Yet additionally various climbing and trekking trails lead through the amazing scene. The brilliant nature and the invigorating water of the lakes guarantee an inside and out sound occasion. Should the occasion be energizing, then houseboat occasions are the fury. You can lease the houseboats at the base in Lübz and drive them on the Müritz without a permit.

Whether as a team, family with kids, club group or with companions, you will remember forever a remarkable houseboat stumble on the Mecklenburg Lake Region. Nicols, producer and leaseholder of permit free houseboats, offers you an extensive variety of boat models. You’ll be here without a doubt Track down houseboat Müritz.

The lakes are for the most part encircled by pine and beech backwoods. They rest in the open country and, with their isolation and quietness, offer ideal spots for rest and unwinding. A few nature and public parks are likewise found completely or somewhat on the Mecklenburg Lake Locale.

However, not all lakes framed during the Ice Age have made due. Many silted up and shaped swamps that were depleted by people and are currently utilized as rural land. Financially, the overflow of fish is critical.


The bigger towns of Ratzeburg in Schleswig-Holstein, Schwerin, Grevesmühlen, Sternberg, Gadebusch, Lübz, Waren, Röbel, and Neustrelitz in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Templin and Eberswalde in Brandenburg are situated on the lake region. Here you can constantly anticipate that accommodating hosts and numerous objections should find. The hinterland of the lake area with the towns of Güstrow, Bützow, Teterow, Malchin, Altentreptow, Strasburg, Pasewalk, Neubrandenburg, Prenzlau and Angermünde is additionally wealthy in lakes.

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